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Geocaching camping


Geocaches and walks around the lake

Near the campsite in La Guyonnière, the Lac de la Chausselière***, you have the possibility to go hiking from the campsite but also to practice geocaching, a treasure hunt type of leisure.


Geo caching

With friends or family, come and walk around the Lac de la Chausselière. These large spaces offer you the possibility to practice Geocaching. Take a smartphone with an Internet connection (3G or 4G) and scour the lake’s surroundings for caches!

This circuit is composed of 7 caches. Take part in this great treasure hunt! If you want to have fun in the open air, geocaching is for you!

There is nothing to gain. It is about discovering places, spending good times with family or friends and for the sportsmen, the course can be made by running with thus a sporting challenge in the key. There are many geocaching routes in the area.
For more information, do not hesitate to visit the geocaching website

hiking in the Vendée


For nature lovers, the lake of La Chausselière will allow you to escape. The leisure base located on the Lake of La Chausselière is an ideal starting point for a hike with family or friends. On the trail, you will discover the fauna and flora representative of the Vendée region.


  • Lake of la Chausselière The tour of the lake is 1,6km long. With your family or friends, take a leisurely stroll along pedestrian paths that are accessible to all.
  • La Chausselière Trail For a duration of about 2.5 hours, walk the 9.6 km starting from the lake.
  • Melay Trail For the most experienced walkers, a hike of about 3.15 hours will allow you to cover 12.5 km.
  • Les Étangs Trail Les Étangs Trail: This 21km trail lasts about 5 hours and 15 minutes and is generally reserved for hiking enthusiasts.

Other routes are also possible and all can be done by bike.

Cards presenting the different itineraries are available at the reception of the campsite (1,5€ the card / 3€ the 3).
For more information you can also contact the Tourist Office of Montaigu.

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