22 December 2017

Our customers now enjoy naturally heated water!

The campsite has just opened its doors and we are extremely proud to welcome our guests in its conditions; with values ​​that are ours and in particular respect for the exceptional natural setting in which we live.

We have chosen to move away from fossil fuels to put in place a solar thermal system, reliable and sustainable today to use renewable and available energy: THE SUN


With the help of Vendée Expansion and ADEME

It has been more than a year since we have been working with Vendée Expansion, ADEME and the Alliance Soleil design office on the implementation of this new equipment which will enable us to save energy.

Solar thermal, how does it work?

These professionals have made an accurate assessment of our needs so that our installation is efficient and its dimensioning adapted. The building’s exposure, load capacity, opening time, existing distribution networks and consumption have been studied with care. Thanks to the fineness of this analysis, the investments and management of solar production have been adapted and optimized, thus ensuring a profitability of the equipment and its durability.


Installation by a local plumber

Because we favor short circuits and we want to make people work around us, we made the choice of Laurent GUIBERT, heating plumber in La Guyonnière with whom the start went perfectly.

So, do not wait any longer, come and camp at Camping Lac de la Chausseliere *** to enjoy nature and a good hot shower in fully renovated sanitary!