22 December 2017

How was this idea born?

For this new season 2017, we covered our pool. We are extremely delighted.
This magnificent conifer more than 25m high, located at the foot of the pool, became too bulky and presented a certain danger for the pool shelter.

After a long hesitation, we made the decision to cut it but we could not tear it off, the roots being too big and too deep. We ended up with a trunk right in the center of our campsite!

What to do? A table ? A sign ? The idea of ​​a sculpture came then ..

A beautiful meeting with the sculptor JB JOUTEAU

We did research on the Internet and we quickly made an appointment with JB Jouteau, sculptor on Tiffauges, a neighbor finally!
We met him and the current was immediately passed.

For several years, he has practiced chainsaw sculpture for monumental sculptures. He had never worked with this essence before and the challenge of making a sculpture on a trunk at a fixed place seduced him!

He immediately went to work and you know the result …
A big THANK YOU again to JB for his talent and his wonderful work!

Focus on the artist …

He has been practicing the art of sculpture since his childhood. It started with an apprenticeship in furniture ornamentation followed by improvements in several companies. Then he settles down and the doors open … He participates in art fairs, galleries and other exhibitions that give him the recognition of juries and the public.